About MooselyEco and me

I strongly believe everybody can do something green today and everyday.  MooselyEco is all about taking small, simple steps in your everyday life that make sense. We can’t do everything at once and it’s totally impossible to be perfectly Green anyway. I invite you to join us on this journey by picking your sweet “green” spot: any area of your life that you’d enjoy changing and join us in this sometimes hilarious, sometimes stoic, sometimes sobering travels to a greener and better planet.  I welcome all comments, idea’s for post or just general feedback.

Why MooselyEco?

Moose are gentle creatures that demonstrate what we need to gain back from being so removed from nature in our hectic modern and industrialized lives. They do not seek to harm, but are strong, quiet and graceful creatures. For me the Moose represents a natural grace, strength of character and fortitude and a return to a somewhat simpler lifestyle less harmful chemicals and toxins in our everyday products.

Why Bother?

I do not claim to be the most active environmentalist, but I have known, long before Al Gore appeared on the scene with his movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, that we have not been good stewards of this planet and its resources. In working with my son on his schoolwork and the cub scouts on their environmental achievements I have come to strongly recognize that some of the conveniences of modern life are not conveniences because of the price we pay in their development and production, use, disposal and lasting long term impacts to the planet. This makes me even more energized to do more, use less, reuse more and recycle more to reduce our carbon footprint, and above all educate others on small changes that can make a big difference while continuing to learn and grow.

My Background

  • Certified Habitat Steward
  • Hiker, flat water kayaker, canoer, camper and all round outdoor enthusiast
  • Organic Home Gardener
  • Over 10 years in Wild Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • Worms Eat My Garbage – Yes, I compost with worms
  • Leave No Trace advocate
  • Mom to a very active, all boy 8 year old boy
  • Known cynic and like to verify what I learn.
  • Artist
  • Speaker
  • Educator
  • Proud Tree Hugger!
Please email me at:  MooselyEco@ymail.com or leave some feedback on my website.

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