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Your cat knows what (s)he needs… let them tell you.

Your cat knows what (s)he needs… let them tell you.  Here is a great little clip from Janet Roark, DVM on how to ask you cat (or dog) which oil they need. Make sure to keep the lid on the oil otherwise the aroma is too overwhelming for them.

“This is Lyra, she is 16, has arthritis, asthma, and epilepsy. Sometimes she’s subtle with her answers, and sometimes she just leaves the room all together when she says “no” to an oil. In this video, she is saying “yes” to the first two oils (detoxification blend and Vetiver) and “no” (Joyful blend) to the third oil.”  Essential Oil Vet – Janet Roark, DVM

Reminder:  Don’t give oils to cats topically or internally every day (with some exceptions), dilute them, only use medical grade quality oils, and when in doubt, feel free to ask!

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