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Blueberry Easter Eggs

Just love the way my blueberry dyed Easter Eggs turned out.  Yes you heard me right, I dyed my Easter Eggs with blueberries.  They came out so cool and shiny!! blueberry died eggsHow did I do it?  Took some frozen blueberries out of the freezer (maybe a 1/4 cup if that) and placed them in a small bowl.  Rolled cooled hard boiled eggs around until I got the effect I wanted – didn’t take long (less than a minute!  I am not kidding.  Put the egg in the rack to dry.  Also did the same thing with beets, but since my beets were found, yes head hung low here, at the back of the refrigerator (and dare I say they were a little wrinkly) those did not dye as well.

But it was all in great fun!  Here is a closer look.

blueberry died eggs2





Note:  Prior to putting them back in the refrigerator, I did wipe them down with white vinegar later in the day, because they were a little sticky – it is blueberry juice after all.  Not as brilliant in color, more deep watercolor effect, but they still looked pretty cool.

Here are some other cool websites with recipes for dying your next years Easter Eggs with food you can find in your kitchen:

radmegan:  Natural Egg Dye: A Rainbow of Options

Smithsonian.com: Easter Eggs Dyed the Natural Way

Blissfully Domestic:  Coloring Easter Eggs Naturally

Good words of caution from the Smithsonian:  “The FDA suggests not eating hard-boiled eggs that have sat out for more than two hours and to eat refrigerated hard-boiled eggs within one week. Good Housekeeping agrees with the two-hour rule.”